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Temple Grandin Day

On 16th May 2019, our society had our first big event- we had the privilege to welcome Dr. Temple Grandin on campus. With the help of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre of Animal Welfare Education (JMICAWE), we organised a talk, interview, and workshop.

Temple Grandin lectured about animal welfare in transport in slaughter at the Roslin Institute, and Ela, our president, conducted a short interview with Dr Grandin, focusing on the link between autism and animal welfare.

In the afternoon, Dr Grandin led a workshop at the Langhill campus farm, where she showed students how changing small things in the environment can massively improve the welfare for the cows.

If you're a RDSVS student, you can access the talk and interview through BVMS Common resources, student organised talks, AWES.

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