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Speed Debate Night

In Feburary, we hosted our first informal debate night, complete with free food and free wine.

With everyone huddled around the candle-lit round table, the atmosphere was relaxed, allowing everyone to voice their opinions and bounce ideas off each other.

The discussion quickly got animated, especially around topics of euthanasia and routine husbandry procedures.

Here are some of the other topics we discussed:

- Voluntourism: Should vet students be allowed to go abroad to practice surgery on street animals?

- Should we boycott brands that use brachycephalic dogs and cats in advertising?

- How much lameness in dairy cattle is ethically acceptable?

- Is it ever ethical to tail dock in dogs?

- Can we ever know if all the five welfare needs are being met in pets or production animals? If so, how can we measure to what level they are being met?

- Is it ever ethical to euthanise a healthy pet?

Lots of thought provoking questions--! Feel free to comment or message us on our social media if you wanted to discuss any of the topics, or if you'd like us to host another event similar to this!

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